All photos are framed, signed and in a limited edition series of 10 or less. Once the series is completed no additional photographs are signed and sold.

For information on any photograph please contact Jon at lacloche(at)

This is a collage of nine years of photos (2001 – 2009, 48″ X 28″) that was exhibited in ‘The Willisville Mountain Project’ and in Mose Znaimer’s  2011 ‘Timeless: Zoomers and Immortality’ Toronto show.

Jon Butler
Willisville / Pass-a-Grille


4 Responses to Contact

  1. Beautiful photos!!
    Merry Christmas to you and Kerry.
    Best Wishes also to your daughter.
    Happy 2012.
    Give me a call one day.
    Richard Comely

  2. Jane says:

    Your photographs really appeal to me….. keep up the fantastic work!!
    Jane Manifold
    I shall send the Red Bubble address later for my pics…. I have momentarily forgotten it!

  3. Jane says:

    Hi there!
    I dropped a brief line just before and said that I would send through my Red Bubble address: or go to Google and type this in… cheers, Jane

  4. Joshua says:

    Hi Jon, just found your web site, great photos. We look forward to getting your new book. Hope you’re enjoying the summer. Check out our new facebook page Cheers, Josh

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