Charles Pachter Exhibit – Art Gallery of Sudbury

The Art Gallery of Sudbury had a wonderful opening today ( Saturday, April 13) of Charles Pachter: A-R-T.

Kerry Kennedy Butler UEL, Charles Pachter & Jon Butler UEL at the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

Kerry Kennedy Butler UEL, Charles Pachter & Jon Butler UEL at the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

If you are in Sudbury between now and June 16 don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a piece of Canadian history.
Here is Charles with a couple of Loyalists/UEL.

About jonbutlerphoto

Jon Butler is a Zen practitioner, haiku poet, photographer and retired newspaper executive who changed his clothes to enjoy the passing seasons of life. He has been capturing and enjoying the natural light of La Cloche for more than 35 years. He concentrates on solitary, contemplative landscapes, natural colour and atmospheric effects. In 2015 Jon began creating a series of Photomontage prints using his original photographs. It is an opportunity to explore a sequence of dreams or dreams of a sequence. Jon and his wife Kerry live in the village of Willisville located in the heart of the La Cloche Mountains. Kerry's photographs are available at Perivale Gallery, Manitoulin Island. They are founding members of the La Cloche Mountains Preservation Society and the Willisville Mountain Project, dedicated to preserve Willisville Mountain and the beauty of La Cloche. Their winter months are spent in Pass-a-Grille, Florida (Willisville South) enjoying health and the Tampa Zen Center. The books ‘Visions of La Cloche, Contemplating La Cloche with Words and Photographs’ and 'La Cloche Spirit: Contemplating Beginner's Mind' are still available online at Jon’s exhibit ‘La Cloche Spirit: The Equivalent Light’ was part of the Toronto international photography show CONTACT2012 before exhibiting in Gore Bay and Sudbury in 2012. Jon’s photographs are available at Turners Gallery of Little Current, The Art Gallery of Sudbury shop, Killarney Park Store, and The Red Dog in Whitefish Falls.
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